Wednesday 8 May 2013

#ThursdayThrill - The Millionaire

I have become disenfranchised with the 'millionaire' trope. So when I saw this limo for today's prompt I decided to roll with an idea that has been tossing in my brain. Be sure to head over to the blog and read all the other great thrills.
Jon sat on one of the plush seats looking at the bar. It was crowded with blonds and redheads fixing themselves drinks. The limo was big, but Jon wouldn't have guessed it could hold over a dozen girls. He also wouldn't have expected all of them to be plying the man at the far end behind the driver.
Chris was a great guy. They'd been friends forever and Jon hated that he almost always had a girlfriend while Chris would get shot down time and time again. It wasn't a complete surprise. The guy was a nerd to the extreme. That focus on computers and gaming, however, had earned him the millions that afforded him luxury on this scale.
Jon expected at least a couple of the girls would stop fighting over Chris and pay him some attention, but so far, his count was zero.
Chris' face was bright red and for a second, Jon worried about his health. The guy wasn't in any kind of shape, unless you counted round. The way the girls were attacking him, Jon never wanted to see this much of Chris again, it was a wonder he hadn't had a coronary already.
As they wound around, back to the club they'd picked up the girls at, Jon was able to approach Chris again. His fly was still undone.

"So, what was the point of inviting me?" Jon asked. He wasn't completely upset none of the girls approached him, he didn't mind indulging his friend either, it just didn't make a lot of sense.
"You didn't get any numbers?" Chris asked, shocked.
Jon had to laugh. Chris just wanted to share his good fortune, just as he always had.
"Not a one. They were all drooling over you."
"How do I pick which one to call?" he asked, shuffling around the cards and revealing numbers in lipstick on his arms as well.
"Which one did you like best?"
Chris shrugged. The limo started moving again, taking them back to Chris' place. "They were all so pretty."
"Did you get to talk to any of them?" Jon tried. Knowing Chris, even though he'd never had a girlfriend, he'd probably get tired of someone who wasn't at least a little like him, enough to game with at the bare minimum.
Chris shook his head. "Every time I opened my mouth-"
"Don't," Jon interrupted him. "I saw enough." He rubbed a hand over his eyes and down the last of his whiskey. "You, my friend, have a surplus of choices. Start at the top and work your way down. If she isn't in this batch, we'll take the car out again and get another."
"You think I won't find her in all of these?"
Jon shrugged. "Maybe. How would I know. I spoke to them even less than you did," he muttered.
"Dude, you know I thought you'd get lucky too, right?" Chris looked genuinely concerned. Jon had to laugh again.
"I know. I'm not the one with the money in his pocket. That's what makes me skeptical. I didn't get the impression any of those girls cared a lick about you, just the cash. I hope one of them proves me wrong."
Chris looked at the pile of cards again critically. "You're right. Dammit, Jon, how am I going to find her?"
Jon clapped his friend on the shoulder. If I were you, I'd invite out that girl in your guild. If you want someone who's interested in the same things as you, in your personality, make it someone who has never seen your money."
Chris nodded. "That's a good idea."
"And call these girls," Jon insisted. "If nothing else, get some dating practice. And like I said, one might prove me wrong."
Chris reached over and hugged Jon around the shoulders. "I don't know what I'd do without you, man."
"You shouldn't ever need to find out."