Tuesday 4 December 2012

#Advent 4 - Kiss

She let the lacy undergarment fall from her fingers. Pulling her long dark locks over her shoulders, she obscured them slightly. Then, with a swaying step that made me swallow again, she leaned over him, pressing her lips to his. His hand instinctively came around to touch her back, fingers skating upward. The kisses were light pecks, taunting as much as anything else tonight had been. She began unbuttoning his shirt as the kisses became longer, as her tongue traced my lips.
His mouth hung open, but his tongue seemed sluggish, unable to catch hers as it darted. He loved her lips on his, the taste of her mouth, clean and minty. She pushed his shirt back from his shoulders, down his arms. He sensed she was about to leave and tried to keep her there, to stop her dancing tongue. He gripped her back, pulling her closer.
Immediately she broke the kiss and turned away, moving back toward the wall. "You were such a good boy. Another reward will come soon."

Day 5