Monday 17 December 2012

#Advent 17 - Escape

It was too much. She knelt between his legs now, her lips kissing down his belly. He needed to be in her hand, in her mouth. He needed so much and she was still teasing, drawing lines down the inside of his legs. Her kisses came trailing down his belly. He twisted his hands rattling the cuffs. These things usually had a safety release. If he could get his fingers in the right place...
It wasn't there.
While he focused on his handcuffs, he hadn't noticed her kisses had stopped. Her hands gripped his knees as she pushed herself up from the floor.
"Bad boy," she said. She started to walk away.
"Wait!" he called out. He'd misunderstood, however, and she only moved as far as the dresser again, opening the same drawer that held the handcuffs.
"You need to wait," she said. "Stand up, please." She pulled a handle with many leather throngs dangling from it—a cat o'nine tails. His eyes widened and he didn't budge.