Monday 24 December 2012

#Advent 24 - Warm and wet

She straightened a little, rising up on her knees, and took his head into her mouth.
His wrists ached from pulling on the cuffs, but he did it again, wanting to sink his hands into her dark curly hair. He wanted to hold her head as he thrust into her mouth and throat. However, he was a slave to her desires, her speed.
She wasn't disappointing, stroking him with her hand while holding his tip in her mouth. It wasn't as warm and wet as being completely in her mouth would be, but damn it felt good. Especially after being kept on the edge so long.
"Yes," he told her, his hips thrusting into her hand and mouth. "I'm going to come soon." He couldn't hold back.
 She let go long enough to say, "I didn't expect you would." Then she leaned forward, her mouth dropping over him. She took easily half of him in that first stroke before backing up and swallowing. Her hand continued to slide over him. She set up to do the same again and he felt his balls tightening, watching his cock disappear into her mouth.