Saturday 15 December 2012

#Advent 15 - Self love

His eyes were diverted from her breasts when her hand cupped and squeezed one before sliding down her belly and into the dark curls below.
"Please," he murmured.
She blinked, pulling her hand away. It seemed she had been lost in the moment. Her expression was puzzled.
"Please, let me see."
She grinned again. "Okay." She sat on the side of the bed and swung one leg up. He twisted and sat so that leg brushed his back. Her fingers played again, sliding between the dark lips and opening them slightly.
She was so red, glistening and slick. He could almost smell her. He wanted to taste her. His fingers twitched, tickling her toes. She giggled and then sighed as she stretched her hand down again, one finger disappearing into her.
"God, Mandy. How much longer?"