Thursday 13 December 2012

#Advent 14 - Candy Cane Kink #Blogtour

I plan to continue opening the little doors on my advent calendar. If you haven't been following, you can find Day 1 here. Quick recap: she has been slowly stripping, teasing all the while. Now he's handcuffed and she's going to continue to draw things out.
I'll count comments on any and all advent days made today through the 21st in the contest for a copy of either Campus Sexploits 3 or Blue Moon House (winner's choice).
Onto today's tease:

"Comfortable?" she asked, her fingers sliding down his thigh.
"Not really," he admitted, trying to turn into her touch.
She grinned. "That is kinda the point." She put her knee between his splayed legs and the other on the bed beside him. He could feel the heat coming from her. She held herself up, so he didn't feel her wetness, but she was definitely as eager as he was.
She slid her knee slowly up between his legs, while she put her hands on his cheeks, holding him for another kiss. When her knee brushed his cock and sack, he almost bit her lip. His eyes rolled and he wanted nothing more than to be stroked. She continued to deny him, however, setting her foot back on the floor and backing up.
As much as he wanted her to keep kissing him, this way, he could look over all that beautiful brown skin she'd taken such care to slowly reveal.