Saturday 1 December 2012

#Advent 1 - A Taste

December and early January are full of countdowns. Advent calendars with little chocolates in them and the ball dropping in Times Square. A sense of anticipation surrounds this time of year. Part of it, for me, is anticipation of the end of the cold and dark! This far north (Edmonton Alberta) we go to work in the dark and come home in the twilight (if we're lucky). It is a relief to pass the shortest day of the year, to reach Christmas and New Years. We can take heart in knowing that winter is past its worst and things will only get better, brighter and warmer.

In that sense of anticipation, I hope to tease you throughout the month. I still have my regular interviews and may or may not participate in Tantalizing Tuesday and Flasher Friday as well, but each day we will open a little door together, reveal a little something. I intend for each to be a small taste, a lick of wonder at what is to come.

"Sit," she ordered, pushing him in the direction of the bed.
He stumbled slightly, legs hitting the mattress and landed with a thump. What was she doing? He had made a reservation for dinner and thought she was getting ready. Instead she was still in slacks and blouse from work.
"Don't move," she warned, shaking a finger. "You move and it's over."
Over? She had just invited him into her bedroom. That was usually a good sign, wasn't it?
She licked the fingers on one hand and he stared in fascination, watching her tongue flick out from between dark pink lips. He could just imagine them licking something else. She switched hands and he continued to stare at her mouth, until he spied what the other hand was doing to the buttons of her blouse.

So, will he stay still? What is she doing? I hope you like a tease.

Day 2