Sunday 16 December 2012

#Advent 16 - quick, quick, slow

She didn't answer, lost in the sensations she was giving herself. His groan distracted her, and she pulled her hand away. She sat up and started tracing lines over his body, his throat and collarbone, his pectoral and nipple. As her hand moved down, her lips took its place. So, as she circled his nipple with her fingernail, her tongue pressed into his neck while she sucked on it. She played with the hairs that began the trail to his cock while her teeth closed on his nipple, pulling it slightly.
He throbbed with need. He twitched at every tug, every bite, his cock rock hard. He was desperate by the time she traced one nail down his length.
"Yes, fuck, please, Mandy."
"Soon, Rob. Promise." Her fingers continued to trail, circling his sack and then holding it gently. It felt marvelous, but ignored his primary concern.