Thursday 6 December 2012

#Advent 6 - Shake, Rattle and Roll

Obediently sitting on the bed, unmoving, she turned away and he herd a rattle. Her belt buckle. He couldn't hold back the groan. She was going to drop those magnificent jeans and show the glory hidden beneath, more brown skin, more round curves.
Her arms trembled a little, shaking, and she swore very quietly.
"Something wrong?" he asked. He didn't want to break the spell she'd created by keeping him silent, but he didn't want her distressed either.
She sighed and her shoulders rolled. "Just stuck. Got it." She spun back, her hand landing with a slap on the outside of my thigh. His breath caught in a gasp at the sudden sting. "I told you not to move."
Rather than speak he shook my head. He hadn't moved, he wasn't moving. Please don't stop.
She touched his cheek gently and kissed him. "Thanks for checking. Game on," she said seductively, stepping back again.
Shit! He'd missed my chance to touch her!

Day 7