Saturday 8 December 2012

#Advent 8 - Legs

After smirking at her teasing barb, she looked at him again from another angle. Planting her hands in front of her, she peeped from between her spread ankles. Her dark curly hair pooled on the floor, making him think of it on a pillow, or better, his arm. Her face was framed by two thick brown pillars. She wasn't some skinny thing, with toothpicks long enough for legs. She was short and round and her legs were as silky and soft as every other part of her. She ran the fingers of her hand down the outside of her left leg, and he followed their path instinctively. Her right thumb slid up the inside of right leg, popping inside those lacy red boy shorts.
How was he still sitting here? How had he not fallen to my knees before her and begun exploring with his hands and mouth. Whatever power she held over him, she continued to wield it. He couldn't move until she decreed it.

Day 9