Saturday, 22 December 2012

#Advent 22 - Rewards

She looked up at him from her knees and he started to sink to the bed, wanting to look into her eyes. She slapped the back of his thigh and he straightened on his feet again. She sighed quietly. "All right. I guess you've earned it." She wrapped her hand around his cock and he thought he might cry in relief.
Her hand was soft and her grip firm. He could feel the tension though his entire erection. That first stroke made him groan and his knees wobble.
"You have been such a good boy," she said, stroking again. "I always wanted to do this, but you're the first who was willing to play this long." She stroked him once more and his eyes rolled back, his hips thrusting into her hand.
When he looked down next, she seemed concerned.