Tuesday 11 December 2012

#Advent 11 - Hurry up and wait

Those panties made all the difference. They drifted lazily to the floor, floating down. She was still outside. Could he move now? He got his shirt off his wrists and yanked down pants and shorts together, rushing to be still again when she came in. What would she do with him next? They would both be naked, so she couldn't tease anymore. Could she?
Waiting, he slipped the toe of one foot into the sock on the other and pushed it off, keeping the movement small.
He pulled off the other, watching that crack in the doorway.
He thought he might shiver, although it wasn't cold. He felt very exposed. How did she feel?
When was she coming back?
A tan leg kicked through the door, taunting and retreating, then another arm. Then finally, just as he blood was heating up again, she pushed the door open. Day 12