Wednesday 12 December 2012

#Advent 12 - Close, but so far

She stood, framed by the white boards of the doorway. She leaned into one arm, elbow braced on the jamb. Her hand disappeared into her dark curls. The other rested on her hip, fingers pointing to the second set of dark curls, cropped short and making a line down between her thighs. Continuing her relaxing pose, her ankles were crossed, the toes of one foot pointed to the floor. The nails were painted red, just like the panties on the floor in front of her.
After tracking down her body, his eyes followed the curves back up, stopping again at the dark curls, and resting on her breasts, dark brown nipple pointed and puckered. She was cold. He started to push himself up.
"Ah-ah. No moving," she reminded him straightening. She turned slowly, letting him trace her back in the same way. She stepped closer, his hand reaching out and barely brushing her skin.
"One more, please," he begged, wanting to put his hand on her, his lips.
"Soon," she promised. Day 13