Sunday 2 December 2012

#Advent 2 - Cleave

Her fingers had his attention. One set were in her mouth, her tongue flicking over them. The others had popped open a button of her ivory blouse. The rich brown skin beneath was impossible to ignore. She'd had two buttons open before, revealing a lovely vee of flesh. Now he could see the shadow created by her breasts, the dark crease between them. Cleavage.
He wanted to cleave to them, put his nose into that cleft and inhale deeply. He wanted to lick the sloping sides she revealed with the next button. He could see the lace of her bra now, see her dark nipple poking out into it.
How was he supposed to sit still. She took her freshly licked fingers, glistening slightly and traced the top of one those cups, drew a line over her flawless skin.
"You've been a very good boy," she told him, leaning forward and inviting his eye to plunge down again. She stepped closer. "I think you've earned one touch."

Day 3