Tuesday 25 December 2012

#Advent 25 - Pinnacle

The second stroke took nearly his entire length. He couldn't see himself for her nose and hair pressed up to his belly. His cock throbbed, his balls ached. He pulled against the cuffs once more before crying out.
He seemed to explode. The room became dark for a moment with stars flashing in his vision. It only lasted a second. Then he was looking down at Mandy, her mouth sliding up and down as she swallowed every drop shooting from him. Her swallow tightened her mouth around him and he groaned, his knees starting to shake again.
As soon as she noticed that, she let go of his cock. "Sit," she said, grabbing his wrists and pulling down. "Relax." Then she found the release on the cuffs. He couldn't see where it had been, but they opened and he immediately brought his hands around to embrace her, to pull her into his lap.
 "Thank you," he said, putting his lips to hers. "Now it's your turn." He scooped her up and tossed her onto the bed, his lips starting at her toes. After all, he had just come. He could take all the time in the world now. Mandy seemed to realize this and trembled.

Rob liked this game. Merry Christmas! That's the end. Unless you want to watch Rob slowly tease Mandy to mind-blowing orgasm, but I think it might take us into January. ;) If you missed any part of the story, this will take you back to the beginning and each day will have a link to the next. Thanks so much for joining me on this slow reveal.