Friday 21 December 2012

#Advent 21 - Begging

"Please, Mandy," he said. Her finger continued to circle while his hips thrust. He swayed where he stood, sure he was going to lose balance or control at any moment.
"Please what?" she asked, licking his balls now. If she backed up just a little, he could enter her mouth.
"I need...fuck."
"Oh, you want me to fuck?" she asked, changing the circling of her finger to a pressing.
"No, oh God," he groaned as she did press in. He'd thought the outside was sensitive, but her finger inside him was even better. How many nerves did he have? It seemed all of them were on edge, everyone firing to make him hotter.
"No?" she asked, pulling her finger back out again.
"Shit, I can't stand it anymore. Please, let me touch you. Let me fuck you."
The expression on her face made him pause, gave him a little more control over his body's reactions.
She was thinking about it.