Sunday 9 December 2012

#Advent 9 - Turnabout

She wasn't ready to show him her treasure yet. She straightened and turned back to him. Her soft smile became warmer and broader.
"You didn't move. You've been such a good boy."
She leaned into the bed beside where he sat and ran her fingers through his hair. Then they slipped lower, playing over his chest. Finally, she slid down over the fabric of his pants, cupping and stroking. His entire length throbbed, pressing hard against the fly that held it in. He wanted out badly.
"It must have been very hard to hold still."
His hand slipped into the waist of those lacy panties, cupping the ass within. "You have no idea."
She slipped out of his grip and he nearly lunged after her. Her finger stopped him, pointing. "Ah. I think I have an idea. I'm not finished yet. You can relieve yourself, though." Her eyes locked on his waistband.
Was it his turn to tease?
Day 10