Wednesday 5 December 2012

#Advent 5 - Jeans

Although he couldn't touch her, he continued to stare. Her milky brown skin was revealed all the way to her waist, where her belt held her jeans up. They were fabulous jeans, tight in all the right places. Her ass looked fantastic as it filled out the back pockets with their rhinestones, making her ass sparkle. Her waist was small, despite the flesh that filled below and above. Her belt demonstrated it, not cutting into her skin, but revealing the swell of her hips, the roundness of her.
He wanted to sink his hands into those pockets, pull her closer and kiss her again. He wanted to reach down the front and stroke her, give her a little of how she was making him feel. It was hard not to open his pants and rub himself. She'd said if he moved, it would be over. As much as he wanted to end the teasing, he didn't want to stop before he'd seen and felt all of her.

Day 6