Wednesday, 13 June 2018

#MidWeekTease The Beginning #BlueMoonHouse #lesbian #paranormal #vampire

Hello! I know, I've been gone a while, and I might disappear again for a few weeks over the summer, but I'll try not to let things go so long. Just before my hiatus, I had released the eighth and final book (or first book?) in the Blue Moon House series. The Beginning is the story of Sophia, matriarch of Blue Moon House. Here is an excerpt from her humble beginning. It is available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Ibooks.

“I’m going to ruin it.” Louise brushed at a smudge of soot from where she had bent to tend the fire.
“Only if you keep doing the work that should be mine.” Sophia let her fingers brush Louise’s skin around the collar of her chemise and along her leg as she rolled down her stockings.
“It just seems odd, to be doing so little with my day. How do other ladies do it?” She picked at a loose thread on her sleeve.
“You need to use your skills in a new way. Stitching becomes embroidery, gardening becomes flower arrangement, and cooking becomes pastry design. You will find your way.”
Louise shook her head. “Never. I’m not like Nicole or Claudette. I can’t be as dainty as they are.”
She sat on the bed beside her new friend. “You are just as dainty as they are, and more lovely besides.”
Pink rose in Louise’s cheeks, unaccustomed to compliments. “No.”
Sophia took hold of her chin and turned her. “You are lovelier to me.” Then she took the plunge. Leaning forward, close enough for their breasts to touch. She held there, expecting Louise to retreat.
Instead Louise smiled and covered Sophia’s hand with her own. “I’m so glad you came, glad you stayed. If only we could pay you properly.”
“There is something I desire that you could provide.” She lunged in, kissing the other woman.
Louise pulled back, brows raised. “Really? That’s what you want?” She closed her eyes and sighed. “I can do that.”
Sophia’s jaw dropped. She hadn’t dreamed it would be so easy to coax her. Sealing her lips to Louise’s, she drank in the human scent, longing for blood as well. Resisting those instincts, she went slowly, trailing her fingers over breast and hip.
“Lie down.”
Louise’s eyes widened and she froze in place.
“Trust me.” Sophia knelt to gather up the other woman’s chemise, inching it toward her head.
When Louise still didn’t move, Sophia returned to her knees, kissing one leg and then the other.
“Oh, oh, God.” Louise’s fingers gripped Sophia’s hair. The vampire paused but was neither pushed away nor pulled closer. After a moment, Sophia continued toward her goal, just visible behind the curly hair framing it.

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