Wednesday 7 November 2018

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Like so many, I've been neglecting my MidWeekTeases. Well, time to fix that. Here's another snippet from Ethereal Gaurdian!

Having a ghost in her room was nothing like having a boy in her room. Not because Geoffrey wasn’t masculine, but rather he couldn’t have power over her. He couldn’t even touch her really. It was more like talking to someone in a video call. “So, that dream I had, about my ancestor? Her name was Anne. And her brother was Thom. I don’t think she was a witch, though.”
“Maybe she wasn’t.”
“Then how is it I’m a witch?”
Geoffrey shrugged, which actually made her angry. “Perhaps it was another ancestor.”
That appeased her. “Sure, that might be it.”
“Do you remember anything else? I knew of a woman named Anne, but she was older than Mary. I don’t recall if she had a brother.”
“Um, Dorothy.” She racked her brain to try and remember the dream. “Her cousin, I think. She was the suspect.”
Looking into the distance, he mused. “Dorothy. I was little when she was hung. I don’t remember it except when my mother used her as a warning to my sister.” He turned to her. “You should write down your dreams. That way you can remember them better.”
Ember nodded. “Yeah. I’ll do that. Thanks Geoffrey.”
“Let me know how I can help.” Geoffrey frowned as he said it, giving the impression that he wished he could help and knew his situation meant he couldn’t do much of anything.
Before she could reassure him, Paige yelled, “We’re done, Ember. You can come out now.”
Ember rolled her eyes. “Great.”
“Don’t let their mocking dampen your concern. I believe it’s not unfounded.”
“Thanks Geoffrey. I’m going to grab something to eat.” She muttered, “Maybe then they won’t wonder about me.”