Wednesday 11 November 2015

#Midweektease Blue Moon House 6 - #vampire #gay #voyeur

I have another sample of sixth Blue Moon House book. I'm excited to share my tease along with all the wonderful authors on this hop.

A vampire on the run, Nicholas has the opportunity to make a home at Blue Moon House, if he is able to learn a new way of living. Is there anything he won’t do to stay? What will he do when he inevitably fails?

And your tease:

Another man exited and approached Nicholas. “Come,” he said, crooking a finger and walking past. “I don't want a woman tonight.”
Nicholas grinned and followed. He had no preference between men and women, a lover was a lover. It was something he had in common with this man.
“I am Luke,” he said as he slowed, Nick falling in step beside him.
“A pleasure, Please don't mind the wife. She should be in bed, but one never knows.” He held the door open and Nicholas slipped inside. Would he be able to stay the day tomorrow? He needed to find some way to care for himself.
On the other hand, travelling by night and resting in shadows by day had served him to some extent. Two nights in the city and he wasn't eager to return to that style of refuge. Here he was surrounded by people, lover and prey together.
He pushed the demon back, his thirst slaked for the time being. He followed Luke into a bedroom, but there was no woman inside.
“Hmm. I wonder where she's gone. Just as well.” He turned to Nicholas and kissed him, unfastening the donated pants at the same time.
Nick shrugged off his coat and worked open the buttons on Luke's waistcoat. Neither was gentle, or patient. Luke tore open his coat, the last button flying off.
"Combing My Lady's Tresses"
von Jean-Baptiste BĂ©ranger, ca. 1840er
Nicholas tried to save his clothes, keeping Luke from repeating his act by falling to his knees. He freed Luke, stroking him while licking his lips.
“Do you suck like a girl?” Luke asked, his fingers curling in Nicholas' blond hair. Holding his head, Luke rocked his hips, thrusting into Nick's mouth.
Nick sighed at that first taste. Tonight, he took his time, sharing the pleasure. It reached a deeper, more haunting ache inside him. He rolled his tongue over Luke and opened his throat to the other man's thrusts.
Luke pulled out quickly, stopping his climax. “I want more,” he declared, pulling Nick to his feet. Luke's fingers stumbled on the remaining buttons of Nick's fly.
The door opened and both men turned to the lady and her maid. Her eyes brightened. “Well, it seems we've arrived just in time. Undress me, Lilian.” The maid set to work unpinning the woman's curls and removing her dress.
“Don't mind Beatrice,” Luke said, releasing Nick's pants. “She likes to watch.”