Thursday 26 November 2015

Thursday Tasters - Pandora 41

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“He says I am still short, but he recognizes you. He will give you the horse if you enchant his pregnant wife, give her a safe and easy birth.”
Pandora's eyes widened. “I've never done that.”
The villager interjected. “The witch, she did this for Maria.” He pointed to another of the small houses. “Come, do what you can.” He took Pandora by the arm and led her through the door.
Serenity Mama Earth
Pandora looked over her shoulder at Russel, but he had returned to the horse, examining one  of her feet.
“Louisa,” the villager said, approaching his wife in bed. Her belly was so swollen with child that she seemed about to go into labor any minute.
Pandora was drawn to the woman, taking her other hand. Using her magic senses, she could judge the life force of both mother and unborn. The mother was fading, but the babe was strong.
“Bio water and bring me rags and swaddling,” she commanded, rolling up her sleeves. The man jumped, gave Pandora a look that was probably meant to set her down, but he did as she said.
Louisa gazed at Pandora through hazy eyes. “Mother?”
“No. But you will be one today.”
“Today?” she asked, her voice fading as well.
“Yes. You need to gather your strength. I can help, but you must do the work.” Pandora murmured a few words while pulling a round jade stone from her pocket. She pressed it to Louisa's forehead. The woman flushed and nearly sprang from her pillows. She sank back again, but her color stayed, her breathing and pulse both stronger. Pandora took another stone, cool like metal, and put it into Louisa's hand with another whispered word of power.
“What is keeping you, woman?” Russel demanded, barging in.