Wednesday 3 October 2018

#MidWeekTease Ethereal Guardian

Happy MidWeek! I'm planning to start transcription after this, but I wanted to get the next piece of Ethereal Guardian ready for you.


The next day, the back door opened and closed several times, waking her. She peered out her window to see all three of her roommates in the garden. She descended the stairs and rubbed her arms, goosebumps jumping out. She could feel the heat in the floor, but it didn’t counter the chill that seeped into her. Something was off.
Gwen and Paige came in, chatting.
“Garden walk?” Ember asked, catching a few words.
“Nothing you’d be interested in,” Paige assured her, adding to her chill. It definitely had to do with magic. “I’m going to shower quick.”
So much for warming up that way. She poured herself a cup of coffee and joined Gwen and Summer at the table. Rather than sit normally, she tucked her knees up and pulled her night dress down over her shins, wrapping her arms around her legs.
“Cold?” Summer asked.
“Yeah. When Paige is done, I’ll take a shower to warm up.” Hopefully that would work.
Distracted by Geoffrey, who had stepped closer and put his hands on her shoulders, Summer just nodded. “I think she’s got what she needs,” Summer told Geoffrey.
“You think it’s a bad idea.” The ghost continued to brush her with intangible fingers. Ember’s chill intensified, imagining him touching her like that.
“Yes. Using magic where natural means are available usually leads to trouble.”
“Natural means,” Ember muttered. “Like reporting Duncan to authorities.” Duncan had sexually assaulted three of the four roommates.
Summer frowned and looked away from Geoffrey to focus on Ember. “Yes, I suppose. Do you think that would have led to any real consequences? Would it stop him doing exactly the same thing to the next girl? I believe our method was much more effective.”

Heavy, but well, that's where this series has been heading. Please enjoy all the other great teases this week.