Friday, 29 August 2014

In The Pages of A Good Book - Where friends are found, forged, and last forever

In the Pages of a good book
I'm sure many of you share the experience of reading through a good book only to be rewarded at the end with a preview of the sequel. You've already had 100+ pages to become great friends with the characters and there is a relief in knowing you'll be seeing them again. It is that kind of friendship that takes me back to the same books and series over and over again. They become more familiar but not less engaging. I know I find myself mouthing the best lines silently, tipping my head or gesturing just as I imagine the character will.

How does one write characters that will be friends beyond the page, onto the next book, the next series, the imagination of the reader? I wish I could tell you. I know how I write my characters, like people I want to get to know better, like people I would be friends with. I forge that friendship myself with characters and then I'm never sad to look back at something I've worked on and always willing to open another can, spin another tale, visit them again. Do my readers feel the same? I hope so.

Why not take a look through my previous posts (particularly the older Tantalizing Tuesdays) to get a peek at the vampires of Blue Moon House. I'll be giving away a copy of either the original novella or the prequel, Kitten as part of this anniversary for In The Pages Of A Good Book. Hop on to all the other blogs!