Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - the stone that broke the camel's back

Tantalizing Teaser for you. Well, maybe not that tantalizing. Make sure you check the blog for the spicy samples!
One more pebble left her hand.
“Stop that!” one of the boys shouted. Lynn continued to turn the rope, feigning complete innocence. The younger girls jumped as though there had been no interruption. A couple of them started giggling. That only made the boys angrier.
Lynn watched the girls jumping while the boys continued to play whatever ball game they had invented. Peeking over her shoulder, Lynn chucked another stone.
This time all the girls saw her and giggled madly, several falling out of the spinning rope. She gave them all reproachful looks, even letting out one, “shh.”
“Uh-oh,” one of the older girls said, looking in the direction of the boys.
Spencer was in Lynn’s face, gripping the neck of his shirt and roaring. Lynn wondered if her hair were blown back by the blast.
“That’s it!” he declared. “Water fight.”
Lynn was picked up and tossed over his shoulder. She tried to kick free but had no luck. The girls ran in all directions, squealing, and the boys seized their armaments from the side of the school.

“You,” Spencer said, dropping her with her back to the wall and hefting a bucket, “are hosting the wet t-shirt contest.”