Thursday, 28 August 2014

Thursday Taster - Gentleman #9

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“You are not in charge,” she reminded him. “I'll permit this to reward your obedience. Now fuck me, Harrold, and don't come until I have.”
Her pronouncement spurred him. She was in control and he would do everything she asked. Unbuttoning his trousers, he used the other hand to push up her skirt and rub along her sex. She was only slightly damp, but he had produced several drops already. He used them, used his cock in his hand to rub them into her.
“Pace yourself, Harrold. I'm barely warm.”
It was true. She was cool to the touch. Using his cock faster, he rubbed more, hoping that by denying himself, he could meet her requirement.
Soon her breath came as quickly as his. Her dark curls swung as she tossed her head. He thought there had been enough foreplay and slipped into her with one long and rather slow thrust. She wrapped around him, hot slickness making her that much more enticing. He slid out and in as slowly, listening for her breath to hitch, watching for cues of her climax.
Unable to keep his pace slow, he started to slam into her, loving the way her unfettered breasts jumped and jostled with each one. He fucked her harder when she showed no discomfort but instead tipped her hips into his.
The fire along his length built and the light of the room seemed to dim, as though even that were part of their fucking. He was close, his balls tightening.
Fingers wrapped the base of him in a vise. He'd never felt this before. The surge to his tip couldn't ebb back. Rather than throb with release, he remained painfully stiff.
“I'm not finished yet,” she told him, holding him tight. “You might use your fingers for a while.”
He'd been sure she'd been close, but now she was cool, calculating. That changed when he rubbed her. Blessedly, as he pleasured her, she released him. He didn't erupt, as he had first expected. In fact, he didn't seem quite as hard.
Unwilling to take the risk of failing again, he used only his fingers until she was grunting and he could feel her squeezing his fingers. Then he slid his cock in place, continuing to use his thumb while he pumped his seed into her.
He braced on the desk and she took his head to her breast, stroking it.
“That's a good boy,” she said, as though he were her dog. “My good boy.”
He straightened slowly and Lynn slid to the floor. She shook her skirt, straightened her hair, and folded the contract to tuck back in her purse.
“If tomorrow is inadequate, we can arrange-”
Her words cut off as he seized and kissed her. When was the last time he kissed a woman on the mouth? He avoided it in the brothels, wanting to keep some distance. Most of the ladies who were enticed by him, like the widow Pearson, were taken quickly, almost shamefully. It must have been Veronica, but he couldn't place how long ago that had been. Before the brothels, before most of the ladies...
Her lips felt and tasted exquisite, like fine brandy, intoxicating, smooth and full. He held her gently, trying to cage her in his arms rather than grasp her.
At first, obviously taken by surprise, her mouth was open to him, allowing him full access to her breath and the odd tang on it. She moved her lips against his, forming and breaking their seal while her tongue touched his lips.
An odd burning seemed to fill him, and although he should be sated for much longer than this, he had the urge to take her again.
She wriggled out of his arms. “Hold there, Harrold. More to come, right?”
Once free of her mind-numbing kiss, Harrold started to feel like himself again.
“Tomorrow will be fine. Not soon enough.” Taking Lynn's hand, he bowed over it and kissed her knuckles. Truly, she was a lady.
“Excellent. I look forward to it.”

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