Thursday 4 June 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 15

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“You smell of blood,” she told him.
He blinked, looking at his hand and the brown smudges on it. “Oh.” He tried to rub it off on her sheets. “I'm not taking time to wash. Next time I'll be clean.”
She turned up her nose, but it didn't stop him and his progress.
“Here, this will help,” he said, moving his fingers over her, brushing her sex. “That's nice, isn't it?”
She didn't want to agree, but couldn't argue either. Her eyes closed and it took effort to focus on pooling the energy, gathering it. It was so easy to slip into the moment and let it rush over her. The heat he was creating, the way her walls throbbed and constricted, making each movement even more delicious. Despite being a horrible man, killing her friends, she'd never felt anything like this.
“Yeah, that's what you want,” he taunted. “Just a little more of this, and then-”
He was atop her again, lying between her thighs. She started to scream, but he kissed her. This time she was caught in surprise and her mouth was open to him. He let a small moan escape him and she drank it in with his kiss. His hot mouth was enticing in a way he wasn't. The way his tongue slipped along hers made it tingle, made her chest heave in heavy breaths.
A piercing pain shot through her and she almost bit his tongue. Clenching her teeth, she waited for it to subside.
“Just a moment,” he promised, his hands running through her hair. “There, that's better.” He started moving again, rocking his hips into hers. She was awakened now, focusing more than she had been able to before. It still felt amazing, the way he opened her, rubbed inside and out. She looked forward to being able to simply enjoy this, but for now, she was spooling up his energy and hers, winding it into a ball of power.
He was soon grunting and she joined him, encouraging the animal.
“Yes,” he cried, and she echoed.
His expression was puzzled and he only had a moment to regard her before he was thrown across the room to crash into the full length mirror, glass shards covering him.