Thursday 25 June 2015

Thursday Taster: Pandora 19

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The woman brought Pandora into her own home and fed her, offering her a bed for the night. “In the morning, we'll get Frederic to take you down in his wagon. You'll be able to find your way from Haven?” That was the name of the large town at the base of the mountain, where the dwarven miners lived.
“Yes, I can find my way from there,” she said although she had no idea how to find Tabitha or her mother. At least it would be easier to hide among more people, although she would stand out among the small, dark people that worked underground.
Frederic proved to be only a little younger than Carol, the woman who took her in for the night. He spent the entire ride talking about his children and grandchildren. “I tell them stories of the old witch that lives in the mountains. Keeps them from wandering too far.”
Pandora nodded. Tabitha would never hurt a villager, unless they attacked her. That had happened once while Pandora stayed in the fortress. A small army of men with torches and swords. Tabitha had called Magnificent's mother, Magestic. She had frightened the men back, and then Tabitha moved the fortress. The worst they fared was a few burns as Magestic's breath blew their own torch fire back on them. Tabitha looked fearful, and there was no doubt she would scare children to hug tight to their mothers, but she wasn't violent.
“Where is your family from?” Frederic asked. She had already told him she had no siblings and was looking for her mother.
“Lakeside.” Her father's castle was on the shores of the large lake, but Pandora had only spent the first year of her life inside. “But I know my mother isn't there.”
“Didn't like it? A little too stuffy maybe?” he suggested, grinning. “I expect being on the edges of the court all the time must be tiring.”
Pandora had no idea, but nodded. “She certainly doesn't want to go back.”
“Perhaps she is finding a new home for you?” he suggested.
Pandora's stomach did a flip. How wonderful would that be? To actually live with her mother again, somewhere safe.
The blood streaked face of the Prince stole the happy thought away from her. She didn't even know his name, but she knew he had a hold on her.