Friday, 5 June 2015

Vampire Friday - Nicholas 5

Another Friday, another vampire. Check out the ones on these blogs: Linda Hamonou.

Nicholas ran into Judith in the corridor. “Thank you again, sir. We had no other incidents tonight, I'm happy to say. This room is available,” she said, opening a door. Like most of the boudoirs, it had a feminine touch, but there was no girl inside waiting for him.
“Sophia had me believe any of the whores would be able to help me. Does that include you?”
Judith's eyes widened. “You...want me?” she asked in disbelief.
“If you aren't busy.”
She shook her head, loose grey-streaked brown hair bouncing. “No, the last john took to a room moments ago. I have time.” She stepped through the door with her back straight, eyes searching. What was she looking for?
“I have had one hunger dealt with tonight, Judith. However, I am still learning how to sate the other without mishap. Do you trust me?”
Judith seemed to relax. “Of course, Nicholas. You will stop when I say.”
His own breath came in a sigh. “Yes. That is precisely what I need you to do.”
She came closer and Nick positioned her to sit on the edge of the bed. Then he began opening her collar. Rather than bite immediately, he kissed and caressed the revealed skin, undoing more buttons and slowly removing the madam's dress.
“Nicholas?” she asked, confused. Her confusion fled and a gasp escaped her when he slid a hand over her breasts, pinching one nipple gently and running his finger over the tip. “I didn't implied...You are hungry?” she finished.
He hadn't expected it either. He had been quite sated after enjoying George so long, but something in his spinster cousin, in this older woman, something that denied any man loving them. It made him mad to show them they were desired, they were his love as much as any other.
“Famished.” He broke her skin and let the blood wash over his tongue. Fire hit his blood at the same time it burned through hers. Hers was the lust attributed to the mysterious element in their mouths. His was the spark of life that came only with hot, pumping blood.
He fought the urge to keep drinking, to keep the wound open. He wanted more, much more, but he also wanted to make Judith feel beautiful, adored, desired. Licking the bite, he pulled her dress free and began work on her undergarments. Her fingers jumped to his assistance, yanking at laces and ribbons. Nicholas' fingers traced the tops of her stockings, following the garters up, his fingers playing near, but not quite touching, her hot lips. He could feel the heat coming from them, doubtless wet as well. His bite had done as was expected, now to make the woman understand that he wasn't simply using her.
“You feel remarkable under my fingers, Judith. I can feel your beauty. I can hear your heart thumping, hear how beautiful you are. Your smell,” he said, working his nose around her ear and into her hair, “is subtle and lovely. My eyes can only confirm what all my other senses tell me, you are a beautiful woman. One I long to please.” He let his teasing fingers slip between the folds of her lips and she cried out, squeezing her legs around his wrist to keep him there.
He pulled free easily and pushed her hip back to the mattress, using his knee to hold her in place. “Come for me, Judith. Let me hear you.” His fingers spread her lips wider and slid into her, stroking.
“Oh, yes, Nicholas. I will come for you.” She squealed slightly. “I feel I am bursting already.”