Wednesday, 24 May 2017

#MidWeekTease Darkness of Light and Creatures Boxed Set

Firstly, I need to apologize for not commenting last week. I was in the field, working 12 hour days and just couldn't fit it in. I promise to do better this week! I'd like to share a little more from Kimberly Gould for this week's tease. Gina Kincade and Kimberly Gould are co-authors of Darkness of Light, one of several paranormal romances in the Creatures Boxed set.

So curl up on your sofa with a steaming cup of tea and PreOrder today if you dare brave the beasts!

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Lucius pulled Reverie past the last trees and onto the edge of a cliff. It wasn’t a sheer drop, but far too steep to walk down. She grabbed hold of her strong companion in fear of falling.
“Hey, don’t worry. I’ve got you. Don’t look down, but out.” He stretched his arm out, gesturing at the series of gullies and canyons that connected over the miles ahead. With the sun set, she couldn’t make out details, but she could see the other hills and slopes, the pockets of dark that were trees, the lights of cars and houses in the distance.
“And once you’ve done that, look up.”

She craned her neck, and gasped at the bright stars. She’d always lived in the city, and although she’d seen pictures of the sky full of stars, the most she’d ever seen at a time didn’t make three digits. There were thousands of stars here. The whole sky, dotted with breathtaking brilliance from the distant hills to the trees just behind them.
Lucius’ breath traced over the curved shell of her ear. “You’ve never seen them, have you?”
“No.” She shook her head in disbelief. She tilted her chin down and her nose brushed along his ear, her cheek tickled by his free-flowing hair. The breeze flicked the strands up, back, and let them drop again.
“I’m glad I could show them to you.” He kissed her earlobe and then beneath, his breath fluttering over her neck.
She fisted the fabric of his shirt, not flat on his chest any longer, and turned her head to find his lips, her nose bumping up to his.
He brushed his lips over hers, his breath cool on her heating skin. He let the first peck fall short, catching the corner of her mouth, but Rev wasn’t about to let it end there. She slid her hand up into his hair and pulled him toward her again, pressing her lips against his, a unique but heady spiciness filling her mouth.
His hesitation evaporated and he trailed his hand over her hip, over her ass, caressing the globes before squeezing and pulling her tighter against him, fitting her hips to his. She could feel the hardness of his belt, and below his belt. It made the dampness below her waist obvious for the first time.
As great as the kiss was, and as curious as she was to experience what his jeans hid, this wasn’t the place, and she definitely needed to know him better. Even with her logical self, and a tiny pinprick of guilt from Dark Eyes’ message, it wasn’t easy to pull back.

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