Wednesday, 31 May 2017

#MidWeekTease WIP Ethereal Witness #paranormal #romance #witch #ghost

Happy Hump Day! I'm in the middle of edits on the follow up to Ethereal Protector, my inclusion in A Wicked Halloween. This one follows Paige as she discovers her magic, makes some mistakes and learns lessons, with a couple men thrown in the mix. Here's her encounter with the handsome doctor/professor that she has under her spell.

Paige entered the classroom, curious to see if her spell had any effect. In fact, the results were obvious and instantaneous. From the moment he glimpsed her, Dr. Gonzales ceased to see any other women in the room, something that irked the member of the Barbie squad that had been speaking to him.
“Good morning Miss—Paige. You don’t mind me calling you Paige?”
Heat filled her cheeks at the intensity of his gaze and she shifted her books to one arm. “Yes, of course, Doctor—”
“Jose, please.” When she didn’t echo him, he added, “Please, let me hear you say it.”
The heat intensified. Her skin color might hide a mild blush, but surely even the white students could see this. Eunice, still at her side, snickered.
“Yes, Jose.”
He closed his eyes and took her hand. “Yes. That is perfect.” When he didn’t release her, she pulled her hand free.
“Don’t you need to begin the lecture?”
“Ah, yes, you will have no trouble with today’s lesson, but if you do, I could meet you after, for coffee. Clarify anything.”
“Thank you. Coffee sounds good.” She broke eye contact and found herself looking at Ben, already seated for lecture.
Large and dark, he had an easy time being intimidating, but this was the first time Paige feared her jocular friend, the first time that dark countenance had been aimed at her.

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