Friday, 2 June 2017

J&L Wells and Laura Greenwood ~ Ocean's Serenade ~ One of 20+ stories in Creatures #paranormal #romance #boxedset #99cents

Mythical Creatures With
J & L Wells
Laura Greenwood
Creatures Box Set

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For me it would have to be mermaids. My favourite Disney film growing up was always the Little Mermaid, and I used to imagine that I was a mermaid whenever I was swimming.

My love of the water continued through my childhood too, as I became a national swimmer, and even swam at the Great Britain trials. 

I guess for me, mermaids are very close to my heart, as water is my biggest love, and the thought of being able to live underwater has always fascinated me.

Four years ago, Ronan thought he'd lost his best friend, and he's never truly recovered. 

Coral spends her time trying to master her control of the sea, under the watchful eye of Merrick. 

But a twist of fate leads the two of them together, where they discover that there's a past that wanted to stay forgotten. 

Is the ocean's voice stronger than a lost memory? Will Coral follow her heart?

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