Wednesday, 14 June 2017

#Midweektease Ethereal Witness

Thought I'd share another snippet from Ethereal Witness today. If you read Ethereal Protector, you might remember that Summer was having flashbacks to her previous incarnation, Mary. The same is happening to Paige, but her ancestor is Jane, a slave in Salem at the time of the witch trials.

Paige pulled the door closed behind her, hesitating until she was sure the lady still slept. She only took two paces before she was approached by the master. He was still dressed from dinner, although his jacket and shirt were both open.
“Excuse me, sir.” She tried to move out of his path, sweeping her narrow black skirts closer.
His hand spread over her hip, taking hold and pulling her closer. “Lydia is asleep?”
Paige nodded.
“Good. Jane, I have a task for you.” He fumbled at his waist and she shook her head, backing away. “You have no husband, is that correct?”
Paige’s eyes darted from the growing expanse of white skin beneath his navel to his eyes. “Please, Master.” She tugged to free her arm.
“I won’t force you, Jane.” He pulled her flush against him, his erection pressing into her belly. “But I would reward you for helping rid me of this. You betray no one and Lydia isn’t bothered by dalliances as long as they aren’t with her lady friends.” His hand slid down the back of her arm, cupping her elbow.
“But I don’t… I’ve never…”
“Hush, Jane. I understand. Here, take it like this.” His hand guided hers to his length.
She fumbled, fingers slipping, spreading the wetness already there. In moments, she puzzled out how to stroke him. “Master Charles, I shouldn’t.”
“Shh. You’re doing exactly what I asked. Let me touch you.”
She flinched and backed up, but his hands went to her face and she relaxed when he didn’t grab for her breasts or ass. He drew lines over her cheekbone, along her jaw.
“Yes, keep it like that.” His eyes rolled back and his grip on her chin tightened, tipping it up. “You are doing it perfectly.” His nose brushed hers and he hunched. The girth of him had grown slightly, but now he throbbed and her apron grew damp. Rather than release her, Charles pulled her tighter, kissing her.
Gasping, she gave him access to her mouth and he claimed it, tongue probing in an unfamiliar way. She had kissed boys, but never like this.


Paige started awake. “What the fuck was that?” Only when she saw the time on her clock did she regret the words. Listening carefully, she waited for one of her roommates to wake and yell at her or pound on the wall.