Wednesday, 21 June 2017

#MidWeekTease Fairy Tale retelling

Today I'm teasing you again from my retelling of Swan Lake. Here's a happy moment before our story takes a bad turn. Hope you enjoy!

Odette spun in the lacy white gown, awaiting approval from Anna and her mother. Katrina Werner applauded.
“You look amazing, my dear. I’m so happy for you.”
“Thank you!” Odette surged up to hug the woman. “I will never be able to thank you enough.” She ran her hand over the bodice.
The dress was made by the Werners specifically for Odette. The slender style would fit neither Anna nor Katrina. Her friend wore gold, a skirt that shimmered when she moved.
People told Odette that she could fetch a man while wearing a potato sack, but she always envied Anna’s fine clothes. Not tonight! Lifting her feathered mask, she set it on her head just as Anna donned hers, also feathered, but in red, a cock’s tail.
The masquerade was a bit of a ruse. Siegfried planned to use the occasion to reveal Odette as his bride. She hadn’t seen him since the night the king interrupted them.
Heat seared her cheeks at that memory. She’d been spread out, completely exposed for Siegfried’s pleasure. Having already found his own once, he was avid in bringing hers again and again.
Vlad’s warning had been as effective as a bucket of ice water. Since then, she’d met her savior twice bu not her lover. Even though Vlad brought messages for her, his real purpose was to visit Anna. Their engagement wouldn’t be announced tonight, but it was arranged.
Odette couldn’t be happier for Anna. She truly glowed, sparkling like her dress. Vladimir had an effect Odette had tried to elicit for years. Instead of shy and hiding, Anna was confident, head high.
“Let’s go.” Anna hurried to the carriage waiting for them.
“Thank you again,” Odette told Katrina, hugging her.
“It is our pleasure. Consider it an early wedding present.”
Odetted grinned, feeling the tightness in her cheeks. She hadn’t stopped smiling in days.

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