Thursday 3 December 2015

Thursday Tasters - Pandora 42

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Pandora shrieked when he seized her hair. “Do not forget that I am your husband, Princess.” The last word was spat out with derision.
Pandora's first response was to lash out magically, knock him to the ground and hold him there with the weight of several cattle, but she stopped herself. Louisa needed that magic.
“Of course, husband. I am simply doing as you asked, seeing this woman safely through the birth.” Her voice was servile, or at least she hoped it was.
Russel grunted but said nothing more, releasing her and turning to go.
Pandora spat out a curse. Not a magical one, just vulgar. She was echoed by Louisa.
“It hurts,” she complained.
Pandora turned her attention back to the mother. She had helped Tabitha do this many times. Even though this was the first time, she did it alone, she was confident, especially after feeling the baby, head down and ready to be born.
Whatever was sapping Louisa's strength, it hadn't affected the baby. From all signs, this would be a quick and simple birth.
It was made faster as Louisa clutched the magnetite in her hand, pushing her blood. Pandora would have to bandage her palm after. That particular piece had rough edges that were doubtless cutting into her.
Each new contraction came more quickly than the last. Pandora had only seen Tabitha use the mineral spell on prolonged labors. She believed it was best not to use magic unless necessary. The process was meant to strengthen mother and baby, but that purpose was diminished in the presence of facilitating magic. The one time had been one they arrived late, where the baby would not come.
This baby was ready to come. The result was a perfectly normal birth, truncated by a few hours. The boy was very large, and Pandora had sew shut Louisa's torn flesh was well as bandage her hand. Once all that was done, and Louisa held Gareth to her breast, Pandora removed the first spell, the one lending the mother Pandora's own strength.