Thursday, 17 December 2015

Thursday Tasters - Pandora 44

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Russel let her doze until he had her naked. Then he gripped her wrists, holding them over her head while he bit at her nipple.
“What? Ow! Oh.” The pain was forgotten as her breast became more sensitive. Her thighs seemed to rub one another of their own accord.
“You aren't allowed to sleep yet, Pandora.” His hold and his implication couldn't prevent the great yawn that cracked her jaw. Russel didn't let that stop him, running his nose up her underarm. He continued to hold her wrists in one hand while the free one slid between her thighs, rubbing what they could not.
He knees fell open to hime. He'd only started to earn her respect or trust, be he'd claimed her lust weeks ago. She knew she should hate him for what he'd done to her friends, and she would never forget it, but increasingly, she had trouble imaging her life without him. As they became one body again, she surrendered to him a little more of her strength, her will power, her magic.
She couldn't keep her eyes open when he tried to get another rise out of her and she brought up her knee to push him away. “You got what you needed. Now let me sleep,” she whined.
“Oh, poor princess, has to come again for her husband.”
“No,” she complained, rolling away. “Please, I'm so tried. You'll have enough trouble waking me in the morning as it is.”
He pulled her around and put his head between her knees. “I think I have a way to rouse you.”
She had not had any luck denying his tongue before and she couldn't now. “Please,” she begged. “I'm exhausted.”
He grumbled but shifted up enough to rest his head on her belly. She sighed in relief and comber her fingers through his full brown hair.
“Thank you.”
He kissed her belly. “Do you think there's a baby in here?”
That did the impossible. She jolted awake. Of course, it was possible, but it hadn't occurred to her. If she smoothed her breathing and concentrated, she would be able to sense a baby. Unfortunately, she fell asleep before she managed.