Thursday, 10 December 2015

Thursday Tasters - Pandora 43

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Louisa immediately slumped, the baby shifting just out of reach of her nipple. Gareth was tired too, and Pandora knew newborns carried enough nutrition from the womb to go a day without nursing. She picked up Gareth and handed him to his father. Then she covered a long yawn. The spell and the work had each worn her out.
“I will have Daisy ready in the morning,” the new father promised.
Pandora blinked bleary eyes. “Daisy?”
“The horse,” he said, opening the door.
Russel came in as soon as the light in the house spilled out into the dark purple twilight. Pandora smiled at him, completely forgetting their confrontation earlier. “Bed?” she asked sleepily.
He chuckled and snaked his arm around her waist. “Bed,” he agreed, leading her away. “Don't fall asleep yet,” he taunted. “There is more to do tonight.”
“Hmm,” she mumbled, tripping over her own toes.
Russel swept her up, nudging the door open with his foot.
“Highness,” a woman said. Seeing Pandora, she was quick to climb the stairs and open the door to her spare room.
Russel didn't address her, and she pulled the door shut again when the couple was in. He laid Pandora on the bed, kissing her skin as he undressed her. She stirred many times, tickled or teased, but she kept drifting off.
Russel let her doze until he had her naked. Then he gripped her wrists, holding them over her head while he bit at her nipple.