Wednesday 14 December 2016

#MidWeekTease Old Flame Burns Again

Happy Hump Day! Has Winter reached you yet? If it has, here's a tease to warm you up. It comes from my contribution to A Valentines for Two, Old Flame Burns Again.

“Do you know how bright you looked tonight? How wonderful? I can see how much you missed her, how happy she made you. My heart ached to look at you. If just seeing Lisa can do that, I wish she lived closer."
She kissed me back. “I have missed her. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.”
“Can’t you? Do you think…you’ll do something special?”
She frowned and sat back while I put the car in reverse. “What do you mean?”
I navigated the garage and got us on the road before answering. “I mean, like old times.” Was my jealousy showing? I thought I had it in check, but did my voice seem strained?
“No, I don’t think so. I mean, she has someone and I have you.”
“Do you ever think about it?” I was glad it was dark and she couldn’t see how flushed I’d become, jealousy written all over my face.
She didn’t answer right away, which I took as a good sign. It meant when she did speak, it would be honest. “Sometimes. Not very often. Never when we’re… I mean, I think tonight’s the first time I’ve thought of it in over a year.”
I didn’t bring it up again until we shared the bathroom, her removing makeup, me brushing my teeth.
“What did you think about tonight?”
“Hm? What?” She picked up her own brush.
“You and Lisa, what did you think about?”
She scrubbed a few seconds before answering. “I thought it was great to see her again. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”
I moved to stand behind her, just as I had when we were preparing for dinner. “What are you looking forward to?” I slid my hands over her hips, joining them on her pelvis, atop the satiny nightie she wore. Curiosity warred with jealousy. I had to know what she thought about, fantasized. “Tell me?” I whispered, my lips brushing her ear. Using my tongue, I picked up her lobe and nibbled on it.
She groaned and dropped her toothbrush. Shifting her weight, she rubbed her hips against my growing erection. “I’m not expecting anything like that.” She turned within the circle of my arms. I cupped her ass and pulled her closer. “I mean, even if you didn’t mind, I don’t know that she’d want to do anything.”
“What if she did?” I thrust my hips, making my intention obvious.

Will she? Will they? Yeah, of course they will, but you'll have to wait for that part! Hop around to all the other teases!