Saturday 3 December 2016

My Sexy Dreamer ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MySexyAuthors #Saturday7 #MSS169

For this sexy Saturday, I'm offering a snip from a story about a dreamy girl. Enjoy!

The bells over the door jingled and Rev silently thanked the would-be customer for his timing. “Someone just came in, Grandma. Rest! Yeesh!” She disconnected the call and set her phone on the countertop.
Prepared for someone middle-aged or older, Rev was startled to find a man not much older than herself. His thick, black hair shone in the sun streaming through the glass door and hung loose over his shoulders. An errant lock rested on his warm rusty cheek, drawing her attention to his light amber eyes; an impressive feat when the desire overwhelmed the urge to admire his broad chest and thick arms coiled with muscle and tattoos.
“Can I help you?” Heat flared in her cheeks as her voice squeaked. It wasn’t as though she’d never
seen or spoken to a good-looking man before.
“I hope so. My mother’s birthday is coming up. I’d expected Penny, the owner. She’d know just what Mom’d like.”
“Penny won’t be back for a few weeks. Tell me about your mother and I’ll try to find something.”
“Sure. You’re Penny’s granddaughter, aren’t you?” He pointed at her like he’d just recognized her.
“That’s right. I’m Reverie.” She extended her hand.
“Ryan. Dreamy name.”

Okay, so it's a dreamy guy too! Make sure you take in all the other teases this Saturday!