Sunday 11 December 2016

#WeWriWa Old Flame Burns Again - A Valentine for Two #menage #erotic #romance #lesbian

I have a steamy Sunday 8. It's my contribution to A Valentines for Two, which is available for preorder. This is Old Flame Burns Again and Lisa has wandered into Ben's life. She is his wife's first, lesbian lover. As you will see, his imagination gets the better of him. WARNING: explicit. I won't be sad if you skip me. ;)

On the one hand, I was jealous of Lisa and the very intimate relationship she'd had with my wife. On the other, I was glad to see Diane so happy. The idea of Lisa's hands on my wife and the sex we’d had Valentine’s night made it difficult to concentrate on anything.
I tried going to bed early, but that just made it worse. In my mind, Lisa’s plump breasts pressed up against Di’s. They kissed one another, touched one another. My hand slid over my growing erection, lust overtaking jealousy. While I imagined Lisa licking at Di’s pussy, I stroked myself, wishing I could feel that same pussy right now.

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