Wednesday 28 March 2018

#MidWeekTease Coming In Hot 2: Rescue Me. Dynamic Destiny #bdsm #Femmedomme #domme #doctor #CIH2

Happy Hump Day, also time when we have the #MidWeekTease.
Mine is from my contribution to this boxed set, releasing April 17
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Coming in Hot 2: Rescue Me

Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Collection

Jeremy slowly rose to his feet, grabbing his shirt and belt from the floor beside him. His fingers tightened on the latter, remembering how she’d hit him with it. The layers of shorts and pants had taken most of the sting out, but his butt still pulsed with heat. 
He took one more look at the woman who had captured him. Perhaps he would be as happy under the thumb of another, but he found Mistress D intoxicating—his ideal mix of strength and flexibility. Her modestly curved figure, as well as lips drew him. Especially when she smiled at him. 
Licking his own lips, he caught a whisper of her musk still on his chin. That memory might have him creaming his pants if he wasn’t careful. And he wanted to be careful, to spew himself in his kitchen. It would be twice as delightful knowing he did as she wished. 
Chuck stepped into his path. “What was that? I would have never guessed. Were you just trying it out?” His friend seemed perplexed, probably because he wouldn’t consider doing what Jeremy had.
“Yeah, and I liked it. Watching you spank women doesn’t do it for me.”
Chuck interrupted, “Because you were supposed to be doing the punishing.”
“No, I’m not interested in that. Pleasing her?” He looked over his shoulder to where Mistress D was gathering her things. “That gets me off.” He adjusted himself again, trying to find enough relief to make it home.
“Huh, well, I’m glad I brought you anyway!” Chuck laughed and clapped him on the shoulder. “Although, I guess we won’t be coming in together anymore.”
Jeremy gave Chuck a light shove. “Get back to your girl. I need to go home.”
The chill breeze outside did what all his mental exercises couldn’t. When he slid behind his steering wheel, he didn’t feel as though he might pop any second. Just when he turned his key in the ignition, he saw Mistress D walk out of the club. She crossed the lot to her car, a little silver Honda Civic. He half considered following her home. It would earn him a greater punishment, he was certain, but it might also drive her away. Instead, he shifted into drive and went his own way.
Inside, he dropped the shirt and belt at the door. Leaning against it, he thought over the evening. He’d arrived with Chuck, as usual, but while his friend played with Tammy, Jeremy was enthralled with Mistress D and Nicholas, both playing with his sub, Alex. Seeing his favorite dominatrix don a strap-on made him hard on the spot. When she started fucking said sub, who had her mouth full of Nicholas’ cock, he thought he might come too. It hadn’t quite gotten there, but watching Alex, seeing her respond to both Mistress and Master, woke something he’d had an inkling about. Something he’d felt since seeing her with another man a week ago.
He wanted to respond to her. He wanted to obey her.
Once he’d admitted that to himself, it was a small matter to approach her, proposition her. It had gone far better than he expected. Licking his lips, he remembered rolling them over her nub of a clitoris and making her come. Not for him, but by him. His new perspective, built after weeks of watching Chuck and others in the club, made him look at it from below, from the bottom. He might come for her, but she would always come when she chose. He was just the means for her release. 
And what a release! He throbbed to full hardness again, staggering into his kitchen. Letting his pants fall to his knees, he freed himself from the cotton confines of his underwear. A wet patch had formed where he’d been pinned and he stroked that over his length. Pumping slowly, he pictured Mistress D, her legs splayed before him. She could look down on him even when she was seated. Her commands weren’t harsh or loud, rather calm and level, as though anything she asked were the least she could expect from him. 
She’d let him touch her, let him give her what he now sought for himself, that fulfillment, that peak.
He leaned over, one hand braced on the counter as he shot his load over the cupboard doors. Thick globs were slowly disappearing, the cream turning translucent almost immediately. He should clean it up, but just that moment, he wanted a shower more. Could he leave it like that?
After the shower, he picked up the shirt and belt from the door, using the former to wipe down the doors. He didn’t want to risk forgetting before his mom paid a visit. When Mistress D told him to come in his bedroom, though? That would be worth keeping.

Sorry, bit longer than I usually go.