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Love is for the Birds
Angelica Dawson

Swan Lake focuses exclusively on Odette and her plight. It also lacks a happy ending. In this twist, we see the tale in part from the keen eye of her friend in the shadows, a heroine in her own right!

Vlad paced Sieg’s room. “I don’t understand why I’m here.”
“I’m hoping she’ll bring Baroness Werner with her, but also because your presence means Odette’s arrival will be less noteworthy. My parents trust you. God knows why.” Sieg stretched out his long legs, crossing them at the ankle. 
The man was infuriating sometimes. His perfect appearance, natural ability to excel at anything physical, and birthright chased off lesser men. If Sieg weren’t so reliant on him, Vlad couldn’t have stayed either, but a prince often had need of a scape goat, or an alibi, or a partner in crime. On terrible nights, he was all three. “Why is that?” Vlad wondered.
“They assume, if we got nabbed at the little stuff, it must be because you keep me out of the bigger bads, which you do. You’re my conscience.”
Vlad shook his head and took up pacing again. “Hardly. Maybe your sober second thought.”
“Yes, precisely.” A knock brought the prince to his feet. “She’s here!”
The door opened and Odette burst in, throwing off the coat that hid her sheer dress. The platinum blond was just Sieg’s type, but not Vlad’s. He only had eyes for the curvy brunette in the doorway.
“Anna.” He stepped closer and pulled her in. Her coat fell open to reveal a more modest dress, but one that emphasized her bust and hips. “I wasn’t expecting you.”
A door snapped shut and Vlad turned to see the door to Sieg’s bed closed. What happened behind it wasn’t mysterious. 
Anna removed her coat and laid it over the back of one of the chairs. “It seems we will have to entertain ourselves. We’d best do so loudly. Odette isn’t…quiet in private. Or public, now that I think about it.”
Vlad chuckled. “I hope I can fill your attention for the few minutes it will take before Sieg is…overcome.”
Anna raised a hand to cover her mouth as she laughed. 
Unable to resist, Vlad reached for it and pulled it away. “You have a beautiful smile.”
Her lips, though still turned up, closed over her teeth. “Thank you, but I know I have a horse’s grin.”
Vlad frowned, blinking, unable to respond. “Not at all! Your front teeth, they are so white. Mine are always yellow.”
She didn’t pull her hand from his, and he used it to lead her to a settee large enough for three. He sat a reasonable space away, stroking her fingers and searching desperately for something to talk about. 
“Siegfried! Please! More!”
Anna covered her laugh again. “I warned you.”
“So you did. I have a horrible, ungentlemanly idea.”
“Breaking in on them?” Her brown eyes danced with joy and he almost agreed.
“What? No. Oh, that…that would be… Have you done that before?”
Anna laughed harder. “No, but it would serve them right for making us listen!”
“No…I had a different idea.” He leaned closer, moving his hand up her arm to her shoulder. “Something that might distract.” He traced the neck of her dress with a finger.

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16 Fairytale retelling stories ~ ONLY 99c
Amazon ~ Nook ~ iBooks ~ Kobo

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