Wednesday 18 April 2018

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Coming in Hot 2: Rescue Me
Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Collection
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Here is another excerpt from my contribution, Dynamic Destiny

“Mistress, may I?” He stretched one hand toward the bag slung over her long coat.
Her red lips parted in a smile and she slipped the strap off her shoulder. “You may.” Once it was in his hand, she opened her coat, revealing a leather vest he hadn’t seen before. It held in her breasts, but gave full view of the skin between, gathering once above her navel and falling in points onto her thighs. Each fell in line with the garter that held her stockings in place.
The smile, when he brought his eyes back to her face, had turned into a smirk. “Come with me, boy.” The coat stayed behind on the stand by the door. Jeremy dropped his shirt atop it before hurrying to catch up to her.
Her ass was framed by the garter but completely exposed beneath, pert and round. His mouth went dry at the sight. This woman’s body was every inch his ideal.
“Set it there.” She pointed to a spanking bench and he swallowed, pants tighter than ever.
Crossing her arms, she took her time examining him. “Shall I turn for you?” he offered, doing just that and earning himself a swat on his buttock.
“Sass. You will pay for that. Now, I’ve been curious since you approached me. What do you have under there?” She pointed to his belt.
He closed his eyes and screwed up his courage. He’d dropped his pants here before, but being exposed and sucked didn’t compare to standing amid a room full of people completely in the buff.
“Do you need—” Mistress D’s words cut off as he dropped his pants and stepped out of them, kicking off shoes and socks. “Oh, my. Nothing else beneath? Is that common for you?”
“N-no, Mistress, but I didn’t know what would please you. Does this?” His hardness had flagged slightly with anxiety, but it grew again as her eyes, visible through the holes of her mask widened. Deep blue eyes. More than ever he wanted to know who they belonged to. Who was she?

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