Wednesday 11 April 2018

#MidWeekTease Coming In Hot 2: Rescue Me. Dynamic Destiny #bdsm #Femmedomme #domme #doctor #CIH2

Happy Hump Day, also time when we have the #MidWeekTease. Before I move onto my excerpt, I have a favor to ask of my fellow teasers. The eighth and final Blue Moon House book is releasing in May and I'm looking for help spreading the word. If you haven't already, please consider filling in this form. Thanks in advance! Now, on to the tease!

Mine is from my contribution to this boxed set, releasing April 17
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Coming in Hot 2: Rescue Me
Paranormal & Contemporary Medical Romance Collection

Jeremy shuffled through his underwear. He’d never given his shorts a second thought, but it would likely to be his only garment in an hour or so. He held up a pair of shiny, satin boxers and sighed. They were nice enough, but he’d be poking through the fly and the light green would make it really obvious when it got wet.
A pair of black briefs maybe? Nope. The elastic had a loose thread that unraveled when he pulled. Those went straight into the trash. 
Pair after pair of white briefs got tossed to the side. Did he have time to buy some? If he did, where would he change into them?
“Fuck it.” He closed the drawer and headed for the bathroom. What he had on would have to do. With any luck, they’d come off too.
His cheeks flared with heat, a blush he could see in the mirror. The short stubble didn’t hide it at all. Rubbing a hand down over his face, he contemplated shaving. The stubble gave a shadow and slight rasp. Did Mistress D like that? Plenty of women did, he’d learned.
Remembering her male sub and his bristly chin, he made his choice. Instead of a razor, he grabbed a brush, working it through his thick hair. He needed to cut it again. It curled down onto his forehead and over his ears. He wouldn’t get that done today, however.
He left his apartment early, eager to arrive before the Mistress. Maybe if he arrived early enough, he’d get a glimpse of her putting on the mask.
His first lesson had been more than enough to teach him not to ask about her identity, but the curiosity continued to kill him. Who was she? A politician maybe? An actress? Was she married? Did it matter if she was?
That last thought made him pause. It should matter, but he also knew he would go tonight at least. He had to find out if serving her really did get him off, the way watching other men submit did. Their partial encounter gave him hope.
She probably wasn’t married, he decided. If she were, she would probably have the man at her whims any time and not need the club.
Parking his car, he took another look at himself in the rearview. Was he ready? Yes. Of course, he was also early and she wouldn’t be here for almost an hour. He sighed and decided to take a look inside while he waited.