Wednesday 25 April 2018

#MidWeekTease Dynamic Destiny and Coming In Hot

Hello teasers and teased, I have one more excerpt from Dynamic Destiny before I change gears back to Love Is For The Birds and Once Upon A Twisted Time. You can still grab your copy of Coming In Hot free on Kindle Unlimited.

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Now, a new sample from Dynamic Destiny.

“Good. Very good. A reward.” She stroked him, getting him hard enough to strain the stitches of the lace. “Do you want to put this in me?”
His jaw dropped, but he picked it up quickly. “Yes, Mistress. Very much!” She’d never even suggested it before, always making him come in her hand, or the Fleshlight, or in his own hand.
“I think that would be a fitting reward after this.” She slipped the coil from her shoulder and his eyes narrowed, the vein on his brow throbbing.
“I’m scared.” It was so quiet and with the noises surrounding him, she almost missed it. The whip fell from her fingers.
She stepped closer, near enough for her breasts to press against his washboard abs. Looking up, she pulled him free of the strap to stroke more fully. The tip left a wet spot on her belly and she rubbed the head against her skin. “I understand. Thank you for telling me. Your honesty is incredibly arousing.” Backing up slightly, she ran her fingers between her folds, sweeping past the G-string she wore. Lifting her fingers to his mouth, she continued. “See? I can’t wait to feel this thick cock inside me, to have someone who trusts me so much find his pleasure in me.”
“Mistress,” he moaned.
“Yes, Jeremy?”
“May I come?”
She pulled a little harder. “Yes, boy, you can come all over my breasts.” She squatted slightly, getting the angle good. Then she gave him one lick from balls to tip. Lifting her chin, his semen landed on the inside slopes of her breasts.
“Oh, God. Mistress. Please, Mistress.”
She cocked her head. “Please?”
“Do it.” He nodded to the whip she had dropped when she took hold of him. Following his gaze, she smiled and picked it up again.

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