Friday 27 April 2012

Blog of the Day

Today's Blog of the Day is Daily Writing Tips. Mark Nichol is another blogger whose brain I would like to pick. How does he know exactly what I don't or what I'm struggling with or what I'm frustrated about in other people's writing? His brief posts contain etymology, colloquialisms, vocabulary additions... everything a writer could want when smithing words into a story. If you aren't already following Daily Writing Tips, you should. Perhaps today is a post  you nod along with and think, "yeah, I knew that," but tomorrow or the day after will be the post when you go, "Crap! I've been doing that WRONG?!" Trust me, this is a blog you don't want to skip.

My current theory on where he gets his posts? I believe he is a copy editor. My guess is he finds something that made him grind his teeth and that became the next post. What your guess?