Saturday, 21 April 2012

Elicia Seawell, Shadows and Blogs

Our next interview is with blogger and author, Elicia Seawell. She is the author of Shadows. Her blog is and she can be found on twitter as @thatpanicgirlee. Her next book, The Tarot Diaries is being published by Rebel Ink Press.

How do you choose your blog topics? Do you have a schedule set in advance? 

Choosing my blog topic all depends on my readers to be honest. For example, when a dear friend released a book, I tried to help her promote it. I normally just do it on the fly though depending on the day before or something I’m working on. I’m super unorganized but it seems to work for me.

Your blog covers a wide range of topics. Do you have a sequence in mind?

I try to find a balance of myself and my work while helping indie publishers get notice. Of course the main reason for the blog is self promotion but I also try to help others in the process.

Where do you turn when you get stumped for a new blog post? Where do you find new ideas?

I usually turn to events or something that has personally happened to me. I’ve also found myself reaching out to my Twitter followers for some ideas. I always try to listen to my readers because they do read my blog.

How did you develop your readership? Where do most of your followers come from?

I developed mine by consistency. I update every single day and try to cater to my readers. Most of my followers come from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest believe it or not. I pin all my blogs in my pinboard titled “blog post.” I seem to have a lot of readers from that alone.

Speaking of Pinterest, where can readers find you there?

Do you have a preset length for a post, or is it determined more by the topic?

It’s all determined on what I’m working on for that day. If I feel the need to continue one, then I go until I think I’ve had enough. I do try to do a “wordless Wednesday” and only post a picture.

How do you choose the pictures for your blog? Where do you usually turn for new images?

Google search is a dear friend of mine and has been for many, many years as a graphic artist. Tumblr, weheartit and a couple others seem to have a great selection for me to choose from.

Is your blog achieving what you hope? Where are you trying to improve?

I’ve wanted a bigger following to promote my books (and the books of dear friends) and it seems to be working. I need to improve on my proofreading and I would love to have more guest bloggers.

A big thanks to Elicia for sharing her experience with us!