Tuesday 24 April 2012

D.F. Krieger - Interview with Author, Editor and Blogger

Welcome Deadra! Thank you so much for answering my questions on Blogs and Blogging. I'm sure your answers with benefit other bloggers just starting out. To begin, your blog has two weekly features: Must Read Monday and Writer Wednesday.

How do you choose your books for Must Read Monday? Do you have a list of books you've already read that you choose from? Do you prepare your post in advance?

I often use books I've edited, though occasionally I will post some I've purchased and read for pleasure. My Must Read Monday is actually booked full up to a month in advance. I usually write the blog the day of, or night before. I'm terrible with not pre-writing blogs, but half the reason is because when I write them, that is when I also post them in author/writing/reading groups.

How do you choose your topics for Writer Wednesday? Do you ever find yourself stumped? Is your writing advice from the writer side of the fence, the editor/publisher, or both?

My topics often come from the authors I work with, or my own experiences as an author. Occasionally I have to put in a little research, but most of it is stuff I deal with on a daily basis as an editor. I try to post from the editor point of view, to help authors understand WHY we ask for what we ask for, and what we want in the end. I suppose I'm trying to help authors and those desiring to become published a leg up.

Do you ever feel under-qualified? Do you ever feel you have to over-simplify for the sake of clarity?

No, I don't. I remember what it was like when I was new to the publishing world and didn't understand things. I hated having to ask for people to spell out terms or give examples of writing rules. I hated looking like the newbie I was. I hope that my Writer Wednesday posts help alleviate that stress for people who want to get published, but are afraid to ask "how do I show versus telling" or "how do I spot head hopping?" 

Like all bloggers, you have a real life offline. Do you feel any guilt or remorse when you miss a week? How do you deal with that? Do you put extra effort into the next week?

Often, if I miss a week, it's because I'm overbooked in the editing department. I don't feel guilt because what I post is me trying to be helpful. I don't even know if anyone is sitting there going "Hmmm, I wonder what D posted today." LOL

Oh, I'm sure some of them are. Some are probably thinking, "What is D going to teach me to do right?" 
Finally, a little about what you edit and write. What drew you to erotic fiction? I mean, obviously sex, but what else? Is there a sub-genre of erotica that you prefer?

Honestly, it was never sex that drew me to reading and writing. It was the story itself and getting lost in those worlds. I adore fantasy and really wish I received more submissions in that category. For my own writing, I don't stick to a single genre. I bounce all over the place.

You want fantasy, eh? We might have to talk about my most recent magic by sex idea... But that's not for the blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope readers and bloggers alike find what they are looking for on the face of your blog and in this look behind the scenes.

D.F. Krieger is the author of Sail My Oceans. It is available in all formats through Evernight Publishing and Maybe Baby, published by Secret Cravings Publishing. She can be found on Twitter (@dfkrieger) and on Facebook. She is a managing editor at Breathless Press.