Tuesday 17 April 2012

Interview with YogaChikk

My first post was a recommendation for YogaChikk's blog. At that time, I already knew I wanted to interview her. Following her blog for a time, I'd seen the variety and depth of her posts and knew hers was a blog to emulate. In order to help myself and other bloggers, I asked her some questions about her blog and her process. She has been wonderfully generous with her time and input. I think you'll find the answers enlightening. In case you missed it, her blog can be found at http://http://yogachikk.blogspot.com

1. Do you plan your blogs in advance? How far in advance? i.e., do you have next week's posts ready? tomorrow's? none? 

 Actually, I don't plan my blogs in advance. I usually sit down in the evening to write and I have no idea what the topic is going to be, so I look for inspiration...from either pictures or from people on twitter that may have a request. Sometimes, if I'm feeling very creative, I might write 2-3 posts in one night and then post them over 2-3 days. However, that doesn't happen all that often. Mostly, I just wing it on a day to day basis! 

2. Your themes seem vacillate nicely. You'll go from very physical posts to more emotional/relationship based ones. Do you have a ratio you aim for? Or is it more organic than that? 

I actually do try to intermingle relationship posts with more physical posts...I don't have a ratio, I go with what feels right. If I'm getting tired of writing about one, then I switch it up and write about the other. I want people to come to my blog for sex AND relationship advice, so I have to give both. 

3. Do you have any taboo topic? Have you already found a topic you will not post about? 

I will not post about beastiality or anything that has anything to do with underage sex. As a parent and a human being I simply can not and will not write about these topics. 

4. What made you decide to start your blog? At what point did you realize that you had enough information and experience in this area to create ongoing content? 

I have always been the person that my friends come to for sex advice. I've never been judgemental and they know if they have a question or concern they could talk to me about it. I may or may not have had the answer they were looking for, but often..just the ability to talk about sex with someone they trust was enough to help them find the answer they were seeking. In addition, I have been in the medical field for 17+ years..I don't give medical advice, but I do feel it gives me some insight. 

5. Related to 4, do you ever feel at a loss for a new topic? If you do, where do you turn for ideas? 

 Of course I get stumped every now and then...luckily, I am able to turn to Twitter. I ask my followers for ideas or requests and I usually get more than one. It also allows people a chance to interact with my blog and feel that they truly have some input. Plus, I'm happy to write for my readers...because that is the purpose of the blog in the first place! 6. How much do your followers/commenters affect the direction of your blog? My followers on Twitter actually influence my blog quite a bit. They give me blog ideas and requests. They also give me instant feedback on something they like, or don't. I also hear from women as well as men that my blog has helped them, and for me that is the ultimate compliment, because that is what I want to do...help people have better sex lives and relationships. I think that we all deserve that! As for comments on my blog, I love them!! In the entire time that I've been writing my blog, I've only had 3 negative comments and they were about the person's moral beliefs regarding a topic. As I say on my blog, I write for a wide variety of people...not just one select group. So, there may be posts that someone doesn't agree with or want to read, I understand that...however, I won't condone or publish hateful comments. I don't want people to feel that they are being judged on my blog, I want it to be a "safe" place that anyone can explore sexuality, as long as they are over 21 years old! 

7. You've had a few guest bloggers on your blog. Did you seek these out? Did they come to you? Are you happy with your guest's posts? Would you like more or less? 

 My guest bloggers all come from Twitter. They typically have asked me to do a post on a topic that I feel they actually have more knowledge about than I do, so I ask them if they'd like to be a guest and write a post. I do have some criteria. I don't publish erotic stories on my blog (there are other blogs for this genre that are a better place for their stories than mine)...guest bloggers need to be able to "teach" the reader something. So, because of this, I do pre-read all posts before publishing them on my blog I have to say that I have really enjoyed all my guest bloggers and their posts. I've even learned a thing or two from them! 

8. Have you been a guest blogger on another blog? Which ones? Did you approach them or did they come to you? 

I have actually never been a guest blogger...I think they are afraid of what I'd write! LOL 

9. You have excellent images to bolster each post. This is something I'm already struggling with! Do you find you have trouble finding permissible images? Do you have problems staying focused when you go looking for images (I know I do when I click on your source links!)? Do you select more images than you use and pick the best? Do you aim for a number and stop searching when you have them? 

All of my pics/video come from tumblr.com. There are several accounts that I pull from on a regular basis. I always give credit/source in my blog posts. I will admit, I look at a lot of sensual and sexual images on an almost daily basis, and sometimes I do get distracted AND horny! I think it's just human nature to get turned on by images of other people having sex, if not then there wouldn't be a porn industry. As for the images, I have only been asked once to remove an image and I did immediately. There is no way for me to know the original source of the pictures on my blog and I make sure not to pull pictures that have a visible copyright. Most of the time, I'll see one picture that inspires my blog post. Then after I've wrote it, I'll find other pictures that correspond with the topic. I don't aim for a certain amount, I stop when I can't find any others that I like. Sometimes that means I have 2 pics..other times I may have 10. 

10. How did you build your readership? Are they mostly twitter contacts? Do people find you through other blogs? 

I built my blog almost entirely on Twitter's back. I had a Twitter account and a few dear followers that supported my initial posts and it just grew from there. I always post the link to my newest post several times through out the day/night so that it's seen and RT'd by as many people as possible. I am thankful to have people that think enough of my blog to recommend it, and retweet the links. I think it's important to interact with your readers, let them have input as much as possible. I have had people that are surprised that I will talk to them on Twitter, and to find out that I'm just a "regular" person. My tweets are not just about my blog, no one wants to see that in their timeline...so, my tweets reflect my personality and thoughts as well as an occasional link to my blog. I love writing my blog. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated but then someone sends me a message and tells me how much my blog has helped them and suddenly I'm recharged. I enjoy helping people and my blog is one way I can do that. I think that blogs are a great way to allow some really amazing writers to get their product out there. I hope that you have nothing but success in your blogging/writing endeavors. 

Sincerely, YogaChikk :)

Thank you again, YogaChikk for your time and expertise. Follow her on twitter as @yogachikk or on her blog http://yogachikk.blogspot.com