Saturday, 24 November 2012

Interview with Mona Karel

Today I'd like to introduce you to Mona Karel, a romance author.

Hi Angelica, thanks so much for having me visit.

You have a few recent posts on blogging, triberr, twitter and building your platform. Do you think you have hit your stride in these media or are you still learning? Do you have any pertinent tips for other bloggers?

I started the Monday Promo Primer to help share what little I've learned so far in the various methods of promoting our books. A lot of it links to some of the better blogs and articles I've found, and owes a lot to Marketing for Romance Writers, Kristen Lamb, Kayelle Allen, and Skhye Moncrieff

Cooking and recipes are obviously a big part of your blog. Where did the Passionate Cooks come from? It looks like a great feature.

Cauliflower green chili bread. Mouth watering?

I've always loved to cook, and through the years I've created some exceptionally yummy meals. Unfortunately also fattening! And I grew in girth as well as experience until it was difficult just to walk up a couple steps. When I decided to seriously address that issue, I went back to a low carb diet. Most of my own recipes reflect that change in my life. The non low carb recipes have to do with my blog guests, and my ever so helpful friends who shared the ultimate biscuit recipe. Sigh.

That sounds familiar (the growing part). You have guests on your blog from time to time. How do you choose who to host?

Zucchini sticks. How about now?
I let other writers know I always have space on my blog to help them promote their books. The "cost of admission" is a recipe of some sort, be it drink or dessert or full fledged meal. I've amassed an eclectic collection from those guests.

Starts thinking of recipes for admission. Your dogs occasionally appear in your blog. How long have you had them?

Salukis have been part of my life since 1972. I met my husband Tom at a Saluki show, and we shared our life with them. When he fell ill, I would bring one of the dogs to the hospital to visit, and when he was sent home for hospice care, they became an integral part of his therapy and they were with us when he passed.

Condolences on your loss. You have two titles listed on your webpage. Can you tell me a little bit about each of them?

My Killer My Love: When an immortal enforcer is sent to punish an innocent woman, she wakens the soul he'd forgotten he possessed. It's set in the ancient California forests (no, they don't encounter Bigfoot!) starts with a 3,000 year old man and the woman he's been sent to punish, takes them through treachery and fear, bringing them to trust and love.

Teach Me To Forget: An independent writer hides her past until she meets the man who can give her a future. Also in Northern California, and in her motor home. She's erected huge walls against every trusting a man. The man to get through those walls has secrets of his own that could destroy them both. For levity, I added an Irish Setter.

In addition to her blog and twitter (linked above) you can find Mona on Facebook.